Public Relations

Public Relations is the art of romancing the media, of generating the kind of attention that turns you or your business into news.

Of course it has to be the right kind of news. We don't agree with the old adage 'All publicity is good publicity' (neither would Gerald Ratner). So, how do you smooch your way onto the newspaper pages or airwaves?

Quite simply, let Goldtempest do the romancing for you. We have access to a vast pool of Public Relations skills and experience, and we'll draw on every last drop to enhance the profile of your company and publicise your activities, resources and accomplishments.
Valuable publicity can be obtained by broadcasting personnel appointments…circulating photographs of new projects and meetings with customers…local personality stories…feature articles...the list and opportunities are endless. Yet without the right contacts your chances of any editor using your story is slim at best.

Our myriad of Media communication networks can create the ideal platform to project new developments within your company through specific targeting using T.V., video, radio, Internet exposure and - where appropriate - trade, technical, local and national press.